We are here to help you design your dream life – without breaking the bank!

As a single mom, your “dream life” may seem far off – but it doesn't have to be. Getting out of debt, repairing your credit, and creating financial freedom can be accomplished faster than you ever imagined if you can manage to get out of your own way. We are here to help you do just that!

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Mindfully design a 
financially-free life
for you, and for your children!

Life as a single mom doesn't have to be difficult financially. Follow our tips and tricks to find the light at the end of the tunnel!

What's all the buzz about?

Single Mom Budgeting is a website created by single moms who have been where you are. We can relate to your struggles – financial and otherwise – and know how to dig out of the holes you've gotten stuck in. There is zero guilt and shame here; we are here to hold your hand through the process of designing your own financially-free life… whatever that may look like to YOU! It is different for everyone.


We've been broke, rich, and everywhere in between.

The experiences we share here are real and raw, meant to encourage you along your journey – no matter where you're starting.


Because of our diverse experiences, we are able to share out of the box ideas that will help spark your own ideas.

Solving financial problems is not something you have to do alone.


We don't just talk about the spreadsheets and budgets! Your money mindset is as important as your income; it's as important as digging out of debt and repairing your credit. Without this, you're just treading water.


Our main focus is to help you thrive financially as a single mom. This includes helping you find affordable housing, child care, and grants if you want to go back to college or start your own business. We've got you!

Our Contributors

Our contributors are all single moms – or have been single moms in the past. If you'd like to be a contributor, please fill out this form! 🙂 We will get back to you when we are accepting new authors.


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